Board of Directors

Amir Ahamed


Amir founded The Regency Group in August 1983 through the company’s initial acquisition in the automotive retail industry, a Datsun dealership located in North Vancouver, BC. As Chairman, Amir is responsible for corporate governance and oversight of all company operations.

He has since grown the business to include various real estate holdings (multi-family residential, commercial, retail, development), up to 14 OEM franchises across 9 dealerships at the peak of Regency Auto, and managing various other investments in operating companies. Amir has held principal responsibility for all operations of Regency Auto since 1983 and has been the driving force of The Regency Group.

In 1998, Amir was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for his work with Regency Auto. Amir has chaired the Lexus Communications Team (Canada) and was an active board member of both the BC Cancer Foundation as well as Collingwood School (Vice Chairman; Chairman of Building Committee for new campus at Wentworth).

Aleem Ahamed


Aleem is a Partner within The Regency Group and holds responsibility for the private capital investment portfolio through TRG’s sister company, BlueArck Private Equity. Aleem also leads the Real Estate Division.

Aleem joined The Regency Group in 2013 after spending nearly 10 years in the financial services industry. Aleem worked with Bank of Montreal in a variety of capacities in both Vancouver and Toronto including Corporate Finance, Real Estate Finance and Commercial Banking as well as spending time in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI where he worked on the acquisition and integration of Marshall & Ilsley Bank. Following his time at Bank of Montreal, Aleem worked with Aver Media LP, a media bank founded in 2006 (majority-owned by private equity), where he had responsibilities for Corporate Development and Merchant Banking. Following the sale of Aver Media LP to Bank of Montreal, Aleem returned to Vancouver to join the firm.

Aleem graduated from Duke University in 2004.

Izzam Ahamed


Izzam is a Partner within The Regency Group and holds responsibilities for the Automotive Division through TRG’s sister company, Regency Auto, where he leads all operations of Regency Lexus and Regency Toyota.

Izzam joined The Regency Group in 2008 and has worked within Regency Auto since that time, holding roles in marketing, sales management and general management.

Izzam graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2004 followed by a degree in Automotive Management from Northwood University in 2006.