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    See How We Create Value
    Since 1983, The Regency Group has invested in growing businesses and increased long term value
    through its core principles of Integrity, Responsibility and Respect.
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    Real Estate - Retail Automotive - Private Capital
    Our core lines of business stem from our long history in the Retail Automotive industry where significant
    value has been created since 1983. Over the last 30+ years, the accumulation of real estate has spurred
    our next phase of growth though our development portfolio and private capital investments.
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    Private Capital Division
    We are always looking for new projects to invest in or entrepreneurs with which to partner.
    For more information, please see our Transaction Criteria and current Investment Portfolio.
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    Retail Automotive Division
    Delivering customer-friendly automotive solutions since 1983, Regency Auto strives to Help Our Clients Make an Informed Decision.

Corporate Overview

The Regency Group is a privately-owned investment holding company with over $225 million in assets under management.  Founded by its patriarch, Amir Ahamed, in 1983, the firm’s first investment was in an automotive dealership in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  The firm now holds investments in an array of real estate development and income-producing investments, automotive retail assets as well as positions in both private and publicly-traded companies.

Core Lines of Business:

Value Creation is our Core Competency

By properly aligning ourselves with our management teams, we are able to draw on our own personal corporate and entrepreneurial experience to build value.  As a private investment holding company we are not motivated to create liquidity events, but prefer to hold investments for the long term, whenever possible.

Our history is one that has been predicated on delivering results and creating long term value.  Decisions are made based on the fundamental principles of Kaizen – our goal is to build companies that have a long-term sustainability and are constantly improving.

Executive Operations Group

Our executive team has substantial experience with both small, entrepreneurial projects as well as large, corporate undertakings.  The blend of these two backgrounds allows us to bring unique value and perspective, balancing structure with ingenuity and flexibility.