Private Capital

Private Capital

In January 2019, The Regency Group spun off its private capital division into a new subsidiary and created BlueArck Private Equity, its new investment division franchise. BlueArck Private Equity has a broad mandate to place capital into diversified markets by taking a long term view on majority positions in private businesses or closely held public companies.

Our approach to investing in operating companies is seeded by our Core Values – we deal in a very straightforward manner with a high degree of integrity and respect. We follow three major principles:

  1. Consistent & Disciplined: BlueArck Private Equity structures investments in the conservative manner consistent with our core values. We believe that debt capital should not strangle a business’s ability to grow and a well-capitalized balance sheet will lead to longer term shareholder value.
  2. Deal Creation / Auction Avoidance: Non-competitive situations or limited auction transactions account for many of our Private Capital investments to date. We generally avoid the full auction process, however, we will participate in selective auctions where we believe we have an edge over the competition.
  3. Value Added Partner: Our firm looks to add value and resources that directly impact results, uncover growth potential, steer strategic direction, mitigate risk and drive operational improvements.

We look to partner with entrepreneurs looking for more than a source of capital – a support mechanism to assist in business growth through a mutual system of beliefs. Our operational background allows an unique perspective on driving growth through company culture, infrastructure and data-driven operational improvements in addition to non-organic growth mechanisms.

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Transaction Types

Shareholder Buy-Outs:

BlueArck Private Equity seeks opportunities to lead transactions where an existing shareholder requires liquidity.

Management Buy-Outs:

The firm is looking to participate as a majority equity participant
with a strong management team already in place. We also have
the ability to source and install management where situations
call for succession.


Situations where the primary shareholder(s) is (are) seeking a
partial exit for tax, estate planning or de-risking purposes.

Divestitures of Non-Core Operations:

Where a large enterprise is seeking liquidity through divestiture
of a non-core asset.

Venture Funding:

Our firm provides venture capital funding to all
Knowledge Based Industries (KBI).