The Regency Difference

The Regency Difference

Value creation has always been at the heart of our existence. We look to acquire or co-invest in assets, do the heavy lifting required to make those assets better and evaluate strategic initiatives that will generate substantial returns over the long term. We take an active approach to managing our investments and are committed to the success of each one. While we prefer controlling stakes, we also join ventures with like-minded partners.

By leveraging our deep network of contacts throughout various industries, we are able to source any expertise where we ours may fall short. Our attention to detail is second to none and we are not afraid to invest our time as well as our financial resources.



We have substantial expertise in operating and growing businesses, including strategic planning, finance, management accounting, operational IT and HR, as well as complex structuring and negotiation.

Access to Capital

Access to both equity and debt capital (proprietary and otherwise) can be leveraged to growth investee businesses as well as stabilize distressed balance sheets.


Our firm has a deep network of operational executives with substantial industry-specific expertise. By coordinating our own resources with various experts outside of the firm, we are able to generate growth and create shareholder value.

Attention to Detail

We believe the combination of our attention to detail and our core value create a dynamic that is demonstrative in our simple desire to succeed.