Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

Innovative Applied Technologies, Windsor, ON


Web Address: www.iatglobalmfg.com

Innovative Applied Technologies, Inc. or IAT, was established in 1993. We have evolved through many years of practical design, manufacturing and business experience. The goal is to assist tier one – two type suppliers, with design and manufacturing of their work holding requirements. IAT can provide a team of experts in the field of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic design, part processing, manufacturing, assembly, test and installation. Through proven leadership, IAT can project manage all jobs efficiently, professionally and cost effectively. IAT are specialists of hydraulic, pneumatic or manually activated solutions to work holding.

In November 2016, IAT moved into a newly constructed, 27,000 SF manufacturing facility on Patillo Rd in Windsor, ON. In 2017, IAT merged with NH Global Design and was rebranded IATGlobal Manufacturing Ltd.

NH Global Design, Chatham, ON

Web Address: www.iatglobalmfg.com

Since its start up in 1995, NH Global Design Inc has continued to build on its founding vision of manufacturing custom quality equipment that would surpass customer expectations. This involves the conceptualization and manufacture of a wide range of custom applications, including operator stations, assembly-automating solutions, CNC machining fixtures and robotics handling.

The company’s team of mechanical designers, manufacturing and electrical design departments work closely to integrate client needs completely in-house with precision-built automation with CNC and CMM capabilities utilizing industry-leading technologies.

Well established as a premier supplier to the automotive industry and other industrial sectors, NH Global Design provides complete manufacturing automation turnkey solutions from concept to completion.

In 2017, NH Global Design merged with Innovative Applied Technologies and was rebranded IATGlobal Manufacturing Ltd. In November 2018, IATG’s Chatham Branch relocated into a newly constructed, state of the art 37,000 SF manufacturing facility located within Chatham-Kent’s Bloomfield Business Park.

Melet Plastics, Winnipeg, MB and Fargo, ND

Web Address: www.meletplastics.com

Melet Plastics is committed to providing the ultimate precision part manufacturing experience to their customers. From their industry leading engineering support to their team on the floor, Melet specializes in engineered plastic and composite solutions through various processes including: injection molding, UHMWPE molding, compression thermoforming, compression blow molding, FDM rapid prototyping and mold manufacturing. With facilities in both Winnipeg, MB and Fargo, ND, Melet has the experience to develop the solutions to take your biggest challenges head on.

Ambutech, Winnipeg, MB

Web Address: www.ambutech.com

Ambutech began as a small shop building support canes in the early 1980s. In 1989, they began to build mobility canes and that’s where the true legacy began. Since then they’ve built a reputation for being passionate about their work and investing in their business to make some of the most reliable canes in the world.

Over the years, they have grown to offer the widest range of mobility canes of any manufacturer. Ambutech is proud to be the largest supplier of mobility products in Europe and North America, and distribute to more than 80 countries around the world.